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LATEST – Moggs knows more about Irish history than most Irish people claims Professor of Sitting Habits

A RESPECTED Irish academic has claimed that senior government Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Moggs MP knows more about Irish history than most young Irish people.

Internationally renowned Professor of Fascist Sitting Habits at Kildare University, Kitlin M O’ Kittelaigh LTBS turned Irish establishment wisdom on its head during a recent interview with CBBC.

Prof. O’Kittelaigh had been invited to interpret the Right Honourable Member’s post speech repose during Tuesday’s emergency debate on EU withdrawal.

“Slouched on one his own sofas not a front bench loaned to him by the electorate; vague pedantry, indifference to how it looked, all tell tail signs,” Prof. O’Kittelaigh told CBBC.

“Though I have to say I was surprised to hear Mr Moggs refer to the famous Irish Nationalist parliamentarian Charles Stewart Parnell in his earlier speech.

“Drawing a parallel between the Irish Home Rule Party’s policy of obstruction of Parliamentary business in the 1870s and ’80s and current events was quite unexpected.”

“Southern Irish commentators absolutely love the idea that the English know nothing about Irish history,” Prof. O’Kittelaigh continued, “but in this instance I’d be highly surprised if the bulk of the Irish population knew any more about it than Mr Moggs.

“Most people would have heard of Parnell but if you went down your average Irish street asking about the Home Rule Party obstruction policy most of them, especially the young, wouldn’t have the foggiest idea about you were talking about!

“As for Joseph Bigger’s tedious boring filibustering speeches and their role paving the way for Irish freedom, I’d say they’re well and truly forgotten by 99% of the population.

19th Century Irish nationalist filibuster Joseph Bigger MP

“But we should not be fooled in any way,” he warned, “for a toffee nosed right wing twit to pull that one out of his top hat reminds us what trixie slippery characters they are.

“The cheek of him calling the Home Rule obstruction policy ‘unconstitutional’, with the implication that the actions of the current majority in Parliament was the same.”

Prof. O’Kittelaigh concluded that the Parnell patter, like the front bench slouch, was a deflection from the anti-democratic course being charted by the government Mr Moggs is such a senior member of.

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