Notes from occupied Donegal

POST BREXIT APOCALYPSE: Notes from occupied Donegal, Part ONE

ONE week after no deal BREXIT news from the occupied one County of Donegal is scant since the EU authorities closed the border unilaterally creating a hard border on October 31.

Exploiting the crisis, they put into place their long-standing evil plan.

The dark dystopian agenda code named Operation “Der Joke Bot” activated as their anti-democratic totalitarian scheming finally revealed itself.

Snowflakes from 27 countries poured into the county closing churches and opening gay bars.

Reports are coming in of what appears to be an extraordinary carve up of the county.

“Inishowen has been flooded with ISIS terrorists from Syria who have been allowed to set up a Sharia law Caliphate under liberal EU law,” reports our man in Magilligan, speaking to salt of the earth Irish refugees fleeing from Greencastle, “thank God for the UK they added.”

“Muff has been levelled as unholy, drink is banned, nearest Guinness is in Burnfoot!”

More as soon as we get it.

©Ten Grand Leo

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