Notes from occupied Donegal

POST BREXIT APOCALYPSE: News from occupied Donegal, Chapter TWO: Dawn of the Eurocrat fiefdom

A PICTURE emerging of an unprecedented EU carve up of Donegal that took place in the hours after no deal Brexit kicked in at midnight on October 31.

Contacts, at great personal risk, have managed to glean that the county is now divided into a number of fiefdoms.

Outside the Caliphate of Inishowen, all of the coast and most the interior of the county was quickly gobbled up by evil Eurocrats in an Empire building free for all.

Gay regiments of the new integrated EU army helped by Taliban and ISIS terrorist immigrants in ISUZU pick ups grabbed  and looted the north-west coast.

This is believed to be in preparation for the arrival of  the EU Imperial Liberal elite who are planning to build cronyism facilitating chateaus to sponge up as much wealth as possible and laud that fact over poor local people.  

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, upbeat since his ‘empty seating’ of Boris Johnston, has done exceptionally well, carving out what is being described as “a spare Luxembourg” in the hills of Donegal. 

Rumours suggest he had put in for the full 2586 sq km of his own country but was happy enough to get  half of that.

“Just in case we disappear, as small counties often do, it’s an existential fear we have,” a Donegal turf cutter over heard him remarking as he checked out his spare wee nation.

“Oh how the DUP and the British were so right,” is now a common refrain inside the occupied one, “and where oh where is our own Irish government?”

A good question that we will try to answer next time. 

©Ten Grand Leo

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