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‘Shite or Bust’ My political career or Brexit – Boris defiant after Supreme Court ruling

“MY ’SHITE or Bust’ Brexit strategy is categorically and absolutely not bust,” Boris Johnson has insisted.

 The PM has come out fighting after the land mark Supreme Court ruling declaring that his suspension of Parliament was void.  

He also dismissed speculation that he would be taking the matter to the European Court of Justice.

“Don’t be bloody well ridiculous,” he told reporters, “what sort of clown do you take me for!”

He also rejected outright calls for his resignation, after the decision, having been found to have behaved unlawfully and mislead HM Queen.

“Everything is going according to my clever plan,” he told journalists outside his posh London gaff, “Shite or Bust was conceived whilst I watched the slow political demise of my predecessor Mrs May.

“I said to myself,  ‘I will get Brexit over the line by October 31, or bust my political career trying’ and that’s exactly what I intend to do. 

“Do you think for one minute I need to be here talking to a shower of idiots like you when I could be snuggled up in bed with my favourite teddy and have no worries at all.

“I give not a toss about my own political career, I’ll resign when I’m good and ready, preferably when we’ve crashed out of the EU with no deal – and then you’ll all be sorry!

“‘Shite or Bust, let’s get it over with’ is what I said and that is what I will be doing – and I may decide to huff tomorrow and not come to Parliament, in case you’re wondering. Thank you, that’s all!”

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