Notes from occupied Donegal

POST BREXIT APOCALYPSE: Notes from Donegal Chapter three – Gerry Adams begs to be British – the rise of Fuhrer Foster

IN THE last few days Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has moved IRA EU* troops to both his northern frontiers, but to little avail.

Unaccountable Eurocrats are terrorising his country with no regard for Irish national sovereignty.

Reports from inside occupied Donegal remain sparse since the collapse of computer and mobile phone networks but more details on the Eurocrat carve up have emerged. 

The EU President has added Arran Mor, to his collection of islands, believed to be the 49th he has now acquired across the continent.  

“I’m stepping down after my 50th and and taking them all with me,” Jean-Claude was caught remarking to an aide, only yesterday. 

On the LGBT and Liberal coasts Donegal women are wearing handmaid visors voluntarily to avoid witnessing the unprecidented depravity going on.

Mr Varadkar remains powerless to halt the forced evacuation of residents to the ‘Donegal wan’s’ zone at Slieve League as the Eurocrat elite villas and golf course building programme accelerates, to better plot the suppression of the national rights of member states.

In reality the poor Taoiseach is just as hard pushed to stop some of his other counties going the way of Donegal.  

Not even a read of the new gay Bible, Adam and Evan, now mandatory in churches and schools, can put a smile on his face. 

“Oh why didn’t we listen to Mr Farage, Mr Moggs Mr Johnston, how right you all were, you were oracles and we rejected you, we were such fools, such thick Irish fools.

“Oh please, please, please consider letting Dundalk re-join the UK again,” former Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has been quoted as saying.

“Oh how we told you so,” a well satisfied DUP leader Arlene Foster remarked. 

She is First Minister of Free British Ulster (FBU)  again, this time without a Shinner stapled to her, as mandatory coalition is now replaced by minority rule.

This brings FBU into line with the rest of the UK.   

“The UDR (Ulster Dinosaur Regiment) are doing frontier watch keeping an eye on the IRA EU,  so fear not the DUP as ever have Ulsters buttocks covered,” she told the people in her special inaugural address, “and good fortune has been relayed to husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, brethren and comrades stuck in the occupied one county of Donegal, we shall get them back to FBU presently.”  

*Integrated Regiments, Army of the EU

©Ten Grand Leo

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