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Ulster link to original Star Trek episode rediscovered: ‘Beam me up Ulster-Scotty’

Trekkies expected to pay tens of thousands for long lost script

A NAIL biting long-lost script of the original Star Trek series dating from 1966, has been rediscovered, revealing that ‘Scotty’ actually wanted to come-out as an Ulster-Scot. 

Canadian actor James Doohan, who played the iconic ‘Scotty’ and whose parents left Bangor for a life in the new world, had tried to get his Ulster-Scots identity included in the script.

His grandfather Thomas Doohan had been a Head Constable in the RIC. 

Doohan discussed his ideas with series creator Gene Roddenberry, with a draft episode, recently discovered, being subsequently sketched out.

EPISODE summary: Enterprise discovers secret Klingon base who deploy new ‘Jundie-Dunt’  pulse weapon, subjecting Enterprise to multiple jolts; Captain Kirk & party go to planet surface; they quickly need rescue as Jundie-Dunt weapon continues to create equally challenging conditions on Enterprise; Kirk is rescued; Jundie-Dunt weapon is destroyed; tables are turned; Klingons surrender. 


Kirk: Beam me up Ulster-Scotty.

Ulster-Scotty: I wad if I could but I canny Sir, she’ll naw tak muckle mair o this. Mae warp drives are hirplin on half power, impulse power is though tha fleer…” 

Kirk: Beam me up Ulster-Scotty, that’s a direct order.

Ulster-Scotty: I’m tryin Captain but tha Enterprise is breakin up, thon Jundie-Dunt is an unGodly wheacher o a weapon, ye canny tha laws o physics, but it’s naw for tha want o tryin…”   

Kirk: Ulster-Scotty, the Klingons are closing fast, beam us up now!

Ulster-Scotty: “Mr Spock says it’s mair logical for you tae deal wi’ the Jundy-Dunt doon there, an I’d be inclined to agree, you’re nearer than us, I can dae nae mair Captain.” 

Controversially Ulster-Scotty, challenges Kirk unlike the ever-obedient Scotty, in a brief soliloquy at the height of the action:

“Tha Enterprise is jundied aboot ay week an I canna tak it nae mair,” Ulster-Scotty cried, “Tha warp drives are up tha chute, Mr Sulu has got the scoot, Captain Kirk needs tha boot. 

“At least Mr Spock gi’e thon man a shake when he gets bak up tae the bridge.” 

However nothing came of this script due to objections from William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk.

“I’m not saying ‘Beam me up Ulster-Scotty’, I’m not saying that, my best childhood friend was from Glasgow and Jimmy Doohan sounds nothing like him, his accent’s bad enough as it is!”

The three pencil written pages are up for auction next week at Sotheby’s, with bids in the tens of thousands expected.  

©Ten Grand Leo

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