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Strabane says YES to no deal crash out – Brexit will create 100s of jobs claims respected retired form filler

Voice of experience over youth: 50,000 filled forms can't be wrong

A NO DEAL Brexit could create hundreds of  jobs for border communities a retired Strabane form filler has claimed.

Gilmour Hegarty helped thousands of lorry-men negotiate Irish and British customs for 27 years until the single market came in, in the 1990s.

Now in his late 70’s, Gilmour says he would consider coming out of retirement to “help out” if the UK crashed out of the EU creating a hard-border again. 

“Bollocks to technology, forms are best filled by hand,” he maintained, “young ones are spoiled these days with them aule computers making everything easy!”    

“Between 1966 and 1993 I sat in a wee prefab hardly bigger than a rabbit hutch, chain smoking and filling out forms for lorry-men at £3 a time.  

“Being right beside the army base, I was burned out, rocketed, held hostage and shot and loved every minute of it.”

Gilmour estimates that during his working life he completed up to 50,000 forms for lorry-men to hand in at the appropriate customs.

“I earned a good living, reared three weans and had a good place to sleep, if the wife threw me out,” he said.

Far from thinking a no deal Brexit would be a disaster, he welcomed the prospect of positions opening up for enterprising young people at over 200 border crossings between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

“I have seven grandchildren and would recommend it as a career to any of them,” he said, “I lost my livelihood when the border went and I’ve cursed that aule EU every day for the last 25 year,” he confessed.

However when told of the plan to have customs posts 10 miles back from the border, he was utterly gobsmacked. 

“Plumbridge? How in unner God am I going to get to Plumbridge? Who would want to build a customs post in Plumbridge? I’ve not heard anything so stupid in my life!”   

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