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‘TOO civil to stop’ – Causeway coast man drops dead in front of millions after 73 hours of talking complete shite

Last post played for local man after app goes viral

TRIBUTES are being paid to prolific north coast pontificator Martin ‘Marty’ McGurkin who tragically passed away in the early hours of Wednesday morning.    

Self confessed “genetic shit-talker” Mr McGurkin,  creator of the “Talk at You” app for people who love being talked at by people who talk too much, collapsed in front of a global audience after 73 hours non-stop talking.

“He had been doing that aule app thing for months and hardly a being interested,” wife Cecilia told TGL, “then on Sunday evening it went viral on him and what with the ones from places like Paraguay and Cambodia watching in, he was that civil, he didn’t feel he could stop.”

Due his brief period of global fame, and at great personal cost, he continued spewing verbal diarrhoea at millions of people without interruption, until he collapsed. 

“He literally talked himself into an early grave, ” Cecilia said tearfully, “I wasn’t much good to him since I went deaf, but he stuck with me, that was the sort of man he was,” she concluded.   

Sinn Fein Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens, Cllr Pascal McIlwee  led the public tributes saying, “Ireland has long specialised in producing pure shite talkers and Marty was up there with the best of them.” 

DUP Council group leader Cllr Fred V Urquhart  said: “I used to walk to the school bus with Marty 30 years ago and he knew everything about nothing then too, it’s a sad day for the whole area.

Both men were agreed that questions needed to be asked about apps going viral and lessons must be learned.

Mr McGurkin’s funeral will take place in St Malachi’s Covenanter Chapel, Coleraine Saturday 1pm. Family home private. 

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