EXCLUSIVE: YODA refutes GPNI ‘Green pretenders’ claim – ‘proper Green not sectarian Green, we are’

High ranking Jedi endorses non-sectarian ethos of Green Party after aspersions cast, BUT...

YODA has become embroiled in the debate about whether the Green party in Northern Ireland is a sectarian ‘Green’ party or a proper Green Party.

The iconic Star Wars Jedi, a GPNI member for several years, weighed in after concerns raised at the party decision to back the Nationalist SDLP in south Belfast and Sinn Fein in North Belfast.

Speaking in the wake of a tweet by Rathcoole Ulster-Scots tree planter Carson McNutt when he described GPNI as the ‘Green Pretenders, not proper Green at all,’ Yoda, agreed with his party leader Claire Bailey that these were “extraordinary times.”

“To Ulster I moved some years ago, during the filming of the latest franchise it was” Yoda, speaking from his forested crannog in the Fermanagh lakes, told TGL, “and soon the Green Party in Northern Ireland I joined.”

“For witnessed I have the destruction of life rich planets by the Emperor’s Death Stars; huge walking machines of war and crashing spacecraft I have seen tearing up forests and pastures. Wookies and Ewok wiped out I have seen, near broke my heart it did.”

“Extraordinary times these might be, but a habit of it we must not make.

“The case for backing the North Belfast remain candidate, weak it is. Sinn Fein, reminiscent of Storm Troopers that they are, their seat will not take.

“Influence votes in Westminster they will not.

“F**ked at the polls we will be, if tribalism we choose over globalism, if slight of hand sectarian head-counting, we chose over eco- supporting cross community inclusion.

“For if ‘Green Pretenders’ we become, my membership slide, it might!”

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