U-Scots Language/Leid Week: CERTAINTY PERSONIFIED – The Ulster-Scots detractor Part Two

David Russell of NI Human Rights Commission gives 'excellent' talk to mark Ulster-Scots Language Week

THIS is Ulster-Scots Language/Leid Week, celebrating centuries of collective activity, Scots dialect use and a feast of other human activities. 

Forsaking all this TGL are shining a necessary light on the antics of a destructive and all to common breed – the Ulster-Scots detractor. 

Part two is dedicated to  Mr David Russell, Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, who gave a talk this week organised by the Ulster-Scots Agency.

Commenting, the USA said he gave an “excellent” talk “on the human rights framework as it applies to Ulster-Scots identity and all its different manifestations, whether heritage, culture or language.”

Unfortunately we didn’t hear in person; but we feel confident that the NIHRC has the backs of us all, with regard to individual and collective rights. 

Mr Russell’s talk apparently moved beyond language/leid to culture and heritage.

Perhaps calling this six day celebration ‘Ulster-Scots Language, Culture and Heritage Week’ would have been more accurate and left detractors with less purchase.

Mr Russell FYI there are many common detractor types in our prejudiced society using certain rhetorical techniques, to browbeat, demean and dismiss. 

Here is number two: 

Second: set up the idea that Ulster-Scots is a language only, as a needle, then draw every idea of Ulster-Scots culture, especially those linked to protestant identity through the eye of it. 

Example: Ulster-Scots language is for all and many catholics speak it, therefore protestant Ulster-Scots culture is rubbish.

Be rhetorically unassailable in this view using the maxim that it is easier to destroy than create. 

Delude yourself that wrapping these views in nationalist or pseudo progressive idealism somehow makes you tolerant, equal and fair. 

Ye can Leid a detractor tae water but they’re aft tae thran tae drink – or think

More detractor types to follow 

©Ten Grand Leo

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