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LEGAL ACTION PENDING: BBC Boris boo boo – PM claims he was all set for interview but Andrew Neil ignored him

‘There is no form of combustion yet invented that will cause my pants to go on fire’ - Boris Johnston

BORIS Johnston looks set is to sue the BBC after claiming presenter Andrew Neil wrongly accused him of not being available for interview.

Mr Neil had blasted Mr Johnston’s failure to do a leader’s election interview with him in front of millions last week, after putting Brexit Party leader Mr Nigel Farage on the spot.

“Nigel had just finished and had hopped up and I nipped in and seated myself in readiness for interview,” Mr Johnston now claims. 

“Then instead of grilling me Andrew Neil went off on one accusing me of this, that and the other and pretending I wasn’t there. 

“It really isn’t good enough of the BBC!”

“I really am a very trustworthy sort of chap, and he was casting aspersions of the most frightful sort.

“I’m a patient as anyone but I think a line has been crossed, and the matter is now in the hands of my solicitors.”

The BBC has publicly dismissed the claim as ‘poppycock’, but privately are said to be concerned as the potential testimony of millions of eye witnesses, camera crew and the word of Mr Neil himself may not prove to be enough to mount an adequate defence in court, given the state of the country at the present time. 

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1 comment on “LEGAL ACTION PENDING: BBC Boris boo boo – PM claims he was all set for interview but Andrew Neil ignored him

  1. Graham Greenwood

    Doris obviously needs £10 grand, he loses his PM’s pay and expenses on Friday. This is one matter he would not discuss: This vitally important to understand, doris is trying to curb the power of the courts to hold the government to account!


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