RIC commemoration boycotting Mayor plans to woo unionists with all Ireland super coin

Heads you win tails you win for Padraig Pearse on new inclusive super coin

THE Mayor of County Clare has announced that he is taking forward a project to mint an all-Ireland commemorative super coin, aimed at wooing unionists and uniting hearts and minds across the island.

Fianna Fail Mayor of Clare Cathal Crowe says the coin, which will depict Republican icon Padraig Pearse on the face side, with Republican icon Padraig Pearse depicted on the reverse side, will be delivered to every home on the island. 

“I got the idea last week after that aule RIC commemoration bollix,” Mayor Crowe told TGL, “Peace, understanding and reaching out to other traditions are the cornerstones of the new Ireland and I thought to myself, instead of commemorating a shower of murdering British beshturds like the RIC, let’s try and lift our game and think outside the box!” 

“And who better to help us do this than the man who read out our Proclamation of Independence in 1916, Padraig Pearse – now who could possibly be offended by that?”

Whilst the finer details have yet to be ironed out, he is confident that the coin will be ready for next year’s Northern Ireland centenary celebrations.  

Mayor Crowe came to prominence recently after he publicly declared his intention to boycott the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) commemoration, later cancelled by the organisers.

He totally refuted the claim that he was pandering to the xenophobic hubris of Republican Nation Populists in the run up to the Republic’s general election.

“Absolutely not,” he said, “my coin is for everyone!” 

TGL then asked Mayor Crowe if he maybe should have stuck some sort of unionist on there, or failing that a west Brit – like the late Sir Terry Wogan?”

“The proposal is already a manifesto pledge in it’s current form and I’m not for changing it now, so I’m not.” Mayor Crowe concluded.  

Reaction north of the border as been mixed, with Sinn Fein broadly welcoming the plan.

“It’s a ridiculous idea,” said the SDLP’s Colm Eastwood “you can’t even play heads or tails or anything.”

Unionists of course utterly rejected the plan, with TUV leader Jim Allister imploding when he was informed.

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1 comment on “RIC commemoration boycotting Mayor plans to woo unionists with all Ireland super coin

  1. Harry Merrick

    Totally ridiculous idea, especially considering the low regard he has for the RIC, and presumably Protestants everywhere!


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