Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou says her €800,000 personal fortune is – ‘part of a clever ruse to lure unionists into a united Ireland’

Poor people’s republican champion set to be a millionaire after TD wealth figures pop up again

SINN Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald has said that her €800,000 personal fortune  is part of a devilishly clever ruse to lure unionists into a united Ireland. 

She made her remarks after figures first revealed in 2018, have suddenly popped up again.

They showed that Republic of Ireland TD’s are worth a cool €216million between them, with nearly half of the 158 members of the Irish Parliament being personal millionaires, with Mary Lou herself then worth €791,035. 

Dismissing the significance of the figures the Dublin Central TD initially joked, “Ach I dealt with all this at the time, it’s just a few bob for buying dollies and teddies for the babbies of Ireland.” 

But when pressed about the paradox manifest in the fact that the leader of the party representing the Irish catholic poor, should be on the threshold of being a millionaire, she retorted sharply;

“Look it, would you leave me alone with this aule questioning bollix.  

“My 800 grand is as honourable as it comes. It is part of a top secret Dail strategy to unite the good old Irish people by appealing to the greedy money grabbing self interested side of the unionist psyche, showing them that they can be rolling in it down here even if their constituents aren’t.”

“I will personally see to it that legislation is enacted banning TDs from being millionaires when the six counties are in the bag after the united Ireland.”  

“I’ll even amend it to give unionists an exemption, so we can keep projecting all our own faults onto them.” 

Asked if she was giving the game away a bit, she replied; “No I don’t believe I am, they’re not the brightest to be honest.”

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2 comments on “Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou says her €800,000 personal fortune is – ‘part of a clever ruse to lure unionists into a united Ireland’

  1. Norma Wilson

    I would not be interested ever. Not in this world or the next.


  2. God help her wit if she thinks unionist people are that gullible to fall for her lies and bullshit sorry but she needs to get up earlier in the morning to catch us and thank the lord she has just shot herself in the foot and let the cat out of the bag to tell you the truth thr good unionist people up here in our wee 6 counties that we call Ulster would rather be independent that walk into a United Ireland with shinn fein so shes welcome to her so called fortune she certainly didn’t receive it for her honesty


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