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Shinner culture Minister Hargey comes out of closet as Ulster-Scot – ‘I love snokin, hokin and bokin’ she says

NEW Sinn Fein Communities Minister Deirdre Hargey has come out of the closet as an Ulster-Scot, TGL can exclusively reveal. 

“I never felt quite right about being a Catholic, Gael or a Republican,” she confessed in a candid interview, during a Burns Day event in Belfast.

“It was family and community pressure made me do it!”  

“For years, practically since I was a wean, I felt it would be so good to go out scobin, snokin, keekin, hokin an bokin,  but it’s about far more than that, it’s about a sense of historical narrative and collective point of origin.  

“I have always known that I was at heart, what used to be called a ‘Planter’, though that is a bit unfashionable now. 

“I just love Rabbie,” says Minister Hargey

“But I could always see in my minds eye all my ancestors coming over here 400 odd years ago across the narra sea with their wheen o wee creels.

“It might have felt like conquering to the local Irish, but it sure as flip didn’t feel like it to them, with Claverhouse on their tail.     

“I went home at the weekend and told my mammy and she took me in her arms and said that it didn’t matter, that she loved me anyway.”

Ms Hargey has said that she intends to address funding inequalities and the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis in Ulster-Scots this autumn. 

“I intend to become a cultural Presbyterian who never goes near the church apart from weddings and funerals,” she revealed, “and have picked a church on the Shankhill to affiliate with but not attend.” 

Asked whether she would be embracing the idea of King Billy as the people’s savour at Londonderry and the Boyne, she said, “Aw now calm yourself I’ll not just be going that far!” 

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