TOP international award for new Queen’s University Students’ President as Judges absolutely love her ‘sneaky little RA likies’

Local student wins trip to Myanmar for special audience with atrocity linked Peace Laureate

THE newly elected President of Queen’s University Student’s Union has won a prestigious inter-galactic prize celebrating her youthful contribution to unashamedly Machiavellian politics.

President Elect Grian Ní Dhaimhín, known to some as “the queen of sneaky little likies”, topped out in the ‘Doing The Double’ category, in awards run by the internationally renowned Centre for Ruthless, Entitled, Politics (CREP).

She was recently outed as a serial liker of militant republican posts endorsing the so called ‘armed struggle’, Brits Out rhetoric, the past role of gun toting female terrorists, events commemorating the murder of soldiers and value systems justifying the violation of people’s right to life, liberty and health.

Miraculously, in a society sensitised to inclusion issues, there was no outcry, apart from a few unionists, about the contradiction between this and her role to be, as the representative of 24,000 students, many of whom are British. 

The fact that their views carried no moral resonance particularly impressed judges. 

The CREP citation reads: 

“For doing the perfect political double by succeeding in getting elected as  the includer, whilst actually being the excluder.

“For successfully pursuing the ballot box whilst slyly tipping her hat to the Armalite. 

“For her apparently seamless understanding that inclusiveness is political not moral and you can endorse murderous actions and exclude who you like as long as those who oppose you are too politically weak to come back at you!”

“I’d just like to thank the historic RA for making it all possible,” Grian might have told TGL, had she agreed to speak to us, “water off a ducks back to me!” 

For her prize, the Strabane history student will be travelling to Yangon later in the year, for  a special audience with Myanmar leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Ms San Suu Kyi played the poor pacifist mouth for decades before taking power, only too be accused of turning a blind eye to her own armed forces as they murdered and ethnically cleansed the Rohingya Muslim minority. 

Ní Dhaimhín will hear straight from the mouth of this peace-loving democrat how best to use the language of evasion when trying to avoid admitting that your army violently oppressed minorities. 

CREP spokesperson, Connor ‘Carson’ Macrossan said: “Interestingly, like the Ulster-Protestant minority in Ireland most Rohingya trace their roots (in Myanmar) back to population movements dating from the British Empire period.

“Though never a dominant group, others claiming longer possession hate them anyway.”

“With the united Ireland around the corner Grian might pick up a few tips – on the respectful peace-loving side of things of course! 

“Though given that Aung San Suu Kyi has been caught out by the international community, it might be wee Grian teaching her a thing or two,” he concluded proudly. 

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