Two young Loyalists commended for attending EIGHT GAA matches in a day – bate that Mary Lou

‘If it’s good enough for the King Billy to be, it’s good enough for me’

ULSTER peace industry organisations have been slapping two young Loyalists on the back all day after hearing about the unprecedented spree of GAA supporting they engaged in over the weekend.

Billy ‘King Hedgehog’ Capper and mate, Walter ‘Mad Squirrel’ Buchanan attended eight GAA matches in a day, across grounds in Counties Londonderry and Antrim, having kick-abouts with players and chanting GAA anthems with fans during games.   

The two men got the idea after seeing Royals William and Catherine playing hurley during their recent visit to the Republic, as Billy said,

“When we saw our Royals having a go and all the media and snowflakes wetting themselves at the sight of it, I thought Billy lad, this is going to be a belter, if it’s good enough for the King Billy to be it’s good enough for me.

 “So we set off on Sunday morning and had a kick-about with the lads in Slaughtneil GAC in south Co Londonderry, before heading up to catch the start of the Eoghan Rua match in Coleraine.

“Scooting across the Bann, St Mary’s and the Cuchullains were next! 

“The Shamrocks actually stopped their game to welcome us and we in turn give them a well deserved bualadh bos* (ah has you don’t think we knew what that meant did you) before heading on to catch the Emmets game in Cushendall. 

“We were back in Belfast in time for the Soldiers Song at the Pearses Ardoyne, which of course we sat for, as a legitimate protest against sectarian bullying of British National minorities living in Ireland.

“They being so into civil rights, completely understood and respected this. 

“By six we were back home on the sofa watching Rangers beat Celtic 10-0. 

“With Celtic singing every sort of sectarian song and Rangers fans singing Jesus Loves Me this I Know, it surely was a memorable day.

“They say Loyalists don’t do peace gestures – well bate that Mary Lou,” he concluded.

Though welcoming the move, the International Fund for Ireland bank account give an anxious burp after the news broke, with other funding bodies waiting nervously to see if this will start a flurry of similar activity. 

One nationalist commentator observed: “Whilst apparently well meant, I’m not sure this is the way we want to be going. 

“These British Royal, Gaelic games gestures, symbolise equality in the sense of a break with past inequality suffered by Catholics, allowing role models and influencers  to encourage unionists to wise themselves up and assimilate into the wider Irish population.

“It’s not excuse to think that unionist “culture” (what ever that is)  is “equal” or that we would ever respect that (whatever it is), in the same way we expect to be respected ourselves.” 

*Irish for clapping hands

©Ten Grand Leo

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