Eoghan Harris faced the consequences why don’t the so called ‘shinner bots’

Equality isn't Irish populist poo poo its vital to us all says Ulster-Scots freedom activist

REPUBLICAN ecstasy at the outing of Eoghan Harris as a social media troll is anti Irish and an insult to Wolfe Tone and Patrick Pearse, “pure hypocrisy” a Leitrim Ulster-Scots freedom activist has said. 

The Irish Independent journalist was recently dismissed after admitting having a burner Twitter account and posting one sided shite like ‘shinner bots’ do, but, having to adhere to a higher professional standard, he was held to account and faced the consequences.  

“Though my family have been on this farm since 1750,” says Sawney McCleaver, “we are still here on sufferance and the Protestant plantation thing counts.

“They don’t apply it to us personally, but they are stuffed to the gills with post-colonial bollocks and could if we stepped out of line. I humbly hope they won’t on this occasion, when I say what I am about too. 

“What Mr Harris did fell below the professional standard expected, especially in respect of some sexist sounding remarks on this female identity he adopted, but given the proliferation of republican trolls known as ‘shinner bots’, the indignation from the outraged republican community is pure hypocrisy. 

“Every so called respectable republican has wee bot to hand, dishing out ‘likies’ left right and centre to hoores that are in some cases themselves.

“It is especially stomach churning the day after the death of Bobby Sands, who passed away in Long Kesh, allowing them the comfort space of believing that they were freer as a result of his taking his own life.

“They really should have more respect. 

“Mr Tone, who I respect immensely, would be turning in his grave,” Sawney admitted, “why aren’t their sectarian bigoted trolls called to account.

“It seems that in the new Ireland if you can attach yourself to a martyr you can do what you like.

 “It seems once more that republicans as only interested  in power not morality, unlike the United Irishmen, who were very clear that that which his morally wrong cannot be politically right.

“I know from sad experience they do not tolerate minority narratives but force their narratives on us all. 

“Laws need to be passed urgently.

“Things had been looking up since the Belfast agreement and  I humbly hope that the new Ireland of equals is one where I an empowered to continue to share my opinion on this, and face no bigoted sectarian consequences.”

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